Marjan sea kayaking


Make your holidays memorable and take the opportunity to explore Split from the sea in a fun way suited for everyone. Enjoy the combination of breathtaking view of the Kozjak and Mosor mountain chain while paddling around Marjan Park Forrest.

36 € / 270 kn per person

Included: Education on safety measures on the sea and basics of paddling, sit on top kayaks, life jacket, paddle and watertight barrel, mask with snorkel, insurance

Minimum number of persons: 2

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Small beaches and hidden historical treasures some of which date back to the 13th century will make your day unforgettable, while you kayak under the supervision of your tour guides to the south side of Marjan hill. The tour will take us to the stone pyramids emerging from the sea where we will take a break for snorkeling and exploring the underworld. Those who want can take the part in cliff jumping while we take videos and pictures for you to take home as a memory from this tour. The tour ends where we started near Poljud football stadium which is cultural monument and protected heritage and well known home of Hajduk Split football team.

  • Duration: 3h

  • Location: Split – Marjan

  • Recommendation: bring a towel, bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, spare t-shirt or wet shoes, sunscreen, refreshing drink (min.1,5l ) and underwater camera.


Split DWS


Deep Water Solo is becoming very popular in all parts of world so we have decided to introduce you with the truly unforgettable adventure. Deep water solo is rather new type of rock climbing in which every climb on vertical or overhang routes starts and ends from the sea.

40 € / 300 kn per person

Included: Info about routes and safety of climbing out of the sea, a licensed guide, insurance

Minimum number of persons: 2

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In Split town we have one of the oldest DWS climbing area where we will take you and reveal the adrenalin rush while climbing the rocks above crystal clear sea. You can choose your own level of difficulty while our experienced climbing guides give you all the support with there local and climbing knowledge. Afterwards you can have a cold drink and admire the view from the Sustipan park just above the DWS climbing area.

  • Duration: 3h

  • Location: Split

  • Recommendation: bring a towel, bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, spare t-shirt and wet shoes, sunscreen, refreshing drink (min.1,5l ) and underwater camera.

Marjan rock climbing tour

With over 400 bolted rock climbing routes in Split area climbers of all age and experience can take part in rock climbing adventure created for everyone who wants to have thrill of climbing rocks.

47 € / 360 kn per person

Included: Education on climbing and safety, insurance, UIAA aproved climbing equipment: ropes, harnesses, helmets, climbing shoes

Minimum number of persons: 2

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Marjan Hill is situated at the peninsula in the middle of Split with the beautiful limestone cliffs and more than 80 routes on the climbing area with the stunning view of the surrounding islands. Special touch to the tour is the opportunity to climb around churches and hermit settlements dated back to the 15th century.

The beginners climbers will be watched by our licensed and experienced guides to gain first hand knowledge of the climbing techniques.They will get the climbing gear and be safe on every step while climbing. More experienced climbers will get the chance to improve there level of climbing and create great memories while climbing amongst beautiful green Marjan forest.

  • Duration: 4h

  • Location: Split – Marjan

  • Recommendation: bring comfortable clothes preferably long pants and appropriate footwear for access to the climbing site (sneakers), hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink (minimum 1,5 l)

OMIŠ walking & hiking tour

Landscape of Omiš with its wonderful features is a crown jewel in Croatia with preserved environment, long sandy beaches and overwhelming Cetina canyon.

45 € / 340 kn per person

Included: guide, insurance

Minimum number of persons: 4

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The historic city centar is situated on the eastern bank of the river Cetina. At the river mouth are the remains of the ancient fortress ¨Oneum¨. In the past Omiš was well know by the Corsairs of Almissa whose Sagittas brought fame to them because they were built for attack and fast retrieval into the mouth of the Cetina River, protecting the town from foreign invaders. You would be able to enjoy the view from one of the two fortresses still standing above Omiš ¨Fortica¨.

  • Duration: 3-4 h

  • Level: easy

  • Recommendation: bring comfortable clothes preferably long pants and appropriate footwear for hiking, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink (minimum 1,5 l)

MOSOR hiking with traditional dinner

Relax in the fresh mountain air in unspoiled nature with stunning view of Split and Dalmatian islands and finish the day with traditional dalmatian dinner in picturesque old mill.

64 € / 490 kn per person

Included: Education on safety of hiking in the mountains, licensed guide, insurance, dinner

Minimum number of persons: 4

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Mosor mountain is situated 30 minutes from the Split center and with it hills and towering peaks challenges you to explore and discover all it has to offer. In between its rocky slopes and magnificent views everybody will meet their own challenge. Set your goals and take the adventure of the lifetime.

  • Duration: 5- 6 h

  • Location: Sitno Gornje – Mountain lodge – Viewpoint – Sitno Gornje – Old mill

  • Trail lenght: 7 km

  • Level: easy

  • Recommendation: comfortable clothes preferably long pants and T-shirts with long sleeves, appropriate footwear hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink (minimum 1,5 l)

Caving & fortress tour

We start our tour from the meeting point and drive from Split towards Klis and Dugopolje where we will explore and experience one of the hidden gems of Dalmatia.

70 € / 530 kn per person

Included: Guide, insurance, transport, entry tickets to cave and fortress

Minimum number of persons: 4

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The Vranjača Cave is located in the heart of the Dalmatian hinterland, in the community of Kotlenice, half an hour from the city of Split . The cave is located at the base of the central part of the Mosor Mountain’s northern slope and it’s made up of two parts.The cave was opened for visitors in 1929. From the cave entrance, a small natural passageway leads you to a second cavern which is made up of 9 smaller parts adorned with different shapes and colors. What is so specific about this second cavern is the temperature which remains at a constant 15⁰C. Filled with stalactites and stalagmites, pillars and arcades, Vranjača is one of the most beautiful pearls of the karst landscape, and in 1963 was declared a protected geomorphologic natural monument.

Our second stop is magnificant Klis fortress where we will take you to the past. Situated on the cliffs of Kozjak mountain Klis fortress overlooks the city of Split, the ancient Roman settlement of Salona , Solin, Kaštela and Trogir and most of the central Dalmatian islands and stands as simbol of the major source of defense in Dalmatia, especially against the Ottoman advance.

  • Duration: 5-6 h

Cetina rafting

Without a doubt, the river Cetina is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia where you can experience the magic of a rafting adventure. Located in the heartland of that by pulling her name, calmly pulls through its canyons and through countless towns and hills that are slowly rising above it.

40 € / 300 kn per person

Included: Boat and equipment rental fees (helmet, swim vest and paddle), rafting guide fee, transfer

Meeting spot is restaurant Radmanove Mlinice Omiš or as agreed

Morning tour: 9:30am (Every day)
Afternoon tour: 3:00pm (Every day)

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The organizer welcomes guests in the restaurant Radman’s Mills, where they learn about the curriculum trips. On the starting position is carried sharing  equipment needed for security guests.

The first moments pass in acquainting the visitors, equipment, and Testing of the equipment and demonstration of how to properly use the equipment. After that is done demonstration on how to behave on the river in a boat to visitors without   compromising the safety of all , because safety comes first.

Length of the guests past is about 10 km and the shares of Class I-II rapids  easy, medium waves, rocks, occasionally a small amount maneuvers to avoid rocks, branches and other obstacles. No need for experience so that they can engage young children and elderly people without fear of injury.

Zipline Omiš

Zipline is an adrenaline entertainment where guests descend through the canyon down the steel wire rope, secured with a belt. Adventure also includes training and a short walk in nature.

55 € / 420 kn per person

Included: Equipment, instructor, insurance

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Zipline is located 3 km from Omis, in the canyon of the Cetina River and consists of eight wires total length of 2100m . Depending on the size of the group, zipline gives you up to three hours of unforgettable fun and beautiful nature .

Before the beginning, the group goes to the training ground and each guest receives equipment . There are two short wires, length 25m , where guides show you how to brake and act on cable.

The next thing is a short walk to the first wire. During the walk, you can enjoy the beautiful, almost untouched nature and stunning views of the Cetina river canyon. One of the guide hooks you up at the beginning of each wire, while the other one waits for you at the end of each wire. That is the system to pass all eight wires.

The finish point of a zipline tour is located 50m from the road, and there is our van waiting to take you back to Omis.

ATV Quad safari

For true lovers of nature and sports extremes we offer over 40 km of trails adapted for a variety of safari ride, where you take things into their own hands through local roads, gravel roads, rivers, uplands and canyons with stops at some of the many stunning locations in Dalmatian hinterland.

79 € / 600 kn 1 person per vehicle, 118 € / 900 kn 2 persons per vehicle

Included: 1 ATV 300 cc vehicle (Automatic), load capacity 150 kg, 40 km ride, fuel, helmets, guided tour

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  1. Upon arrival at the place of departure, you will be welcomed by guides with years of experience and will get to know ATV vehicles take short training and prepare for departure.
  2. At the beginning of ATV safari, you will pass through the village of Rumin where the first road bridge is over the river Cetina. The ride continues to hill Vrdovo (plateau on Dinara) with a short stop at places that offers a breathtaking view of the mountains (Dinara, Kamešnica and silk) Dinaric Alps. Then we arrive near the mountain lodge St. Jakov (1001 m) where we will take a short break.
  3. Thereafter the runs through the village Bitelić and ride continues on wild roads that are perfect for our vehicles and offer maximum enjoyment. We continue to ride along the river Cetina to the place where our ATV safari began. The beautiful and untouched nature and panoramic views over the river Cetina, Peručko Lake, town of Sinj and the Sinj fields are something that will leave you breathless during our adventure.

General condition:

  • Driving license (B category)
  • Age: min. 16 years

Date and time: by agreement,
morning tour – 9:00 am pick up at 8:00 am
afternoon tour – 4:00 pm pick up at 3:00 pm

Place of departure: Hrvace (football field “Hrvace”)

Duration: approx 4 h

Jeep safari – Kozjak

Jeep safari Kozjak is a unique ride with jeeps Land Rover Defender through mountain Kozjak where you will enjoy the magnificent views on the city of Split and the islands surrounding it. You will experience an unforgettable adventure driving up the mountain Kozjak and get to know its natural and cultural heritage as well as the central Dalmatia, in the completely new way.

79 € / 600 kn per person

Included: Jeep Land Rover Defender vehicle with a driver / guide, 80 km drive

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  1. Our jeep safari begins with gathering in the morning at 9:00 am on the Split waterfront. We continue along the main road through Solin and climb up the mountain Kozjak.
  2. Route actually starts in the east in village Ninčevići with good and wide road that goes under the stone ridge some 15-20 m from the top and continues on unpaved paths. As we drive along the road, you will see the Italian bunkers, where the Italians had fortified positions on the former border of the NDH and Italy, which allowed them monitoring of the roads leading through Kozjak and Blace towards Zagora.
  3. We continue to the eastern tip of Kozjak where is the church of St. Jure belonging to the Solin parish. This top is our first short stop – viewpoint from which you have panoramic view on city Split and you can take great pictures.
  4. Next, we descend to the town of Blace where will make shortstop in front of the “dogs” pit. Driving further, we pass Blace and proceed to other viewpoint located on the cliff. There is the church of St. Luke.From the cliffs, there is a fantastic view from one side on city Split, the islands and the surrounding area, while the other side shows the cruelty of the mountains of the Dalmatian hinterland, Dinara, Svilaja and Kamešnica.
  5. Then we continue to the village Vučevica that reflects the hard life of farmers through various vineyards, wells and stone houses. There is also important shrine of St. Ante.
  6. Then we continue to the place Križni put dedicated to the fallen defenders in the homeland war. While driving, you will see a stone church of Sv. George built on the walls of prehistoric ruins while on the other hand; we have a view at Malacka.
  7. Our next stop is at the beautiful church of St. Lovre, situated on the slopes of Kozjak where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Bay of Kastela, Split, Trogir and the islands of Brac, Hvar, Solta.
  8. The return is via Kastel Sućurac, ancient city of Salona to the place where we started our adventure

Departure point: the town of Split ( Riva – waterfront)

Duration: 6-7 h

Persons: Min 2 – Max 24 people

Age: For all age period (children and adults)

Jet Ski Safari

Jet Ski Safari is an adrenaline adventure like nothing you have seen before. Professional instructors, high-speed Jet Skis, beautiful islands …. In this unforgettable sea adventure you are going to experience all of that in 120 minutes. Experience the islands and beaches in the most attractive way possible! Jet Ski Safari is the challenge which you have to afford yourself!

130 € / 975 kn

Included: fuel, professional instuctor, gear

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Your Jet Ski adventure begins in Split, the largest Dalmatian city, which has been developing around Roman palace for 1700 years, which was listed by UNESCO in their cultural heritage! A beautiful Mediterranean town in which you will see a unique blend of ancient architecture and modern lifestyle!


The next Jet Ski destination adventure is on coast of town Trogir, which has the title of the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe, which is why it is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Blue Lagoon

Jet Ski adventure continues in the beautiful and unique bay of the Blue Lagoon, whose turquoise colored clear sea leaves no one indifferent.


The next destination is the island of Solta, which is characterized by a small and beutiful hidden beaches and untouched nature.